Truck Clutch Plate Characteristics and Usage Precautions: A Comprehensive Guide

clutch kit for volvo truck

I.Chatacteristics of automobile Truck Clutch Plates

1. The geometric dimensions of the product are the same as the original GM clutch plate. The installation method is simple and easy. No professional tools are required. Just follow the steps in the manual.
2. The truck is easy and comfortable to operate. With our car clutch plates, you can shift gears easily without having to press the clutch pedal. This design reduces foot fatigue and improves driving comfort. It should be noted that when shifting the suitcase into gear and reversing, the clutch pedal still needs to be depressed to ensure safety.
3. Use our automotive clutch plates to extend the life of your truck related components. Under normal circumstances, since there is no need to depress the clutch pedal when shifting gears normally, the wear of the pressure plate and clutch plate will be greatly reduced, and the frequency of action of parts such as cables and bearings will also be reduced. This design extends the life of your truck’s components, saving you money on repairs and replacements.
4. Using our automotive clutch plates can also reduce fuel consumption and be beneficial to the environment. When the clutch is engaged, power transmission is not interrupted, reactive power loss is reduced, and vehicle speed is increased. This means that your vehicle will be more fuel-efficient, reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and contribute to environmental protection.

II.Precautions for using automobile clutch plates

1. When driving the car normally, do not depress the clutch. The clutch plates on the car are tightly engaged and should not slip when the driver is working normally. If the clutch plate is found to be slipping or working abnormally, it should be inspected and adjusted immediately to ensure its normal operation.
2. When starting the vehicle, the correct operation method is: follow the steps of “first fast, second slow, and third linkage” to operate the car’s clutch disc pedal. Before starting the vehicle, it is best to try the clutch pedal to experience the free clearance of the clutch plate pedal, the working distance of the clutch plate and the pedal feel. In addition, when starting the vehicle, make sure the gear is in neutral to prevent damage to the vehicle caused by misoperation.
3. When changing gears on a forklift, do so correctly. When forced shifting, the car’s clutch plate pedal should be depressed and lifted quickly, and not half-coupled, otherwise it will accelerate the wear of the car’s clutch plate. And pay attention to the coordination of operation and throttle. When performing forklift shifting operations, maintain a stable speed and rhythm, and avoid sudden braking or acceleration to reduce the impact on the clutch.
4. Proper use of brakes is also important when driving a truck. When the truck is braking, do not use the clutch disc pedal except at low speeds (above 20 km/h). Because when a truck is braking at high speed, depressing the clutch pedal does not improve the car’s braking ability and may cause harm to driving safety. In addition, when using the brakes, you must also follow the principles of gradually decelerating and lightly pressing the brake pedal to avoid sudden braking that may cause impact or loss of control on the vehicle.

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